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Pettah walk in Cottonpet : In search of faith.

December 16, 2017
Bengaluru by Foot is organising Pettah walk in Cottonpet : In search of faith.
The fourth walk in the Pettah area, the organisers take the guests on a journey in search of “Faith”.
On this walk in the western part of Kempe Gowda’s Pettah area, you get to visit the shrine of the biggest Sufi dargah in Bangalore. We not only learn more about Sufism, but learn about how this dargah has promoted communal harmony since the past two centuries and more.
Then you visit a ayurvedic massage center to see how bones are set right. Legend has it that at one of these centres, was patronised by the Maharaja of Mysore as would the pehelwans in these areas who practiced khusti in the numerous akhadas.
You also visit an old temple/s associated with a saint/s who left his/their mark on the locality. If time permits you will also visit a garadi mane & a heritage lodge close by.
Last but not the least Bengaluru by foot takes the guests to a nice traditional, South Indian breakfast at a heritage restaurant in the area.
Pettah walk in Cottonpet on Sunday | 17th December 2017 | 8:00 AM
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