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Chitra Santhe 2018

January 3, 2018

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath organises 15th Chitrasanthe

Chitrasanthe is a large scale, pan-Indian one-day annual art event, happening since the last 14 years. Chitrasanthe has opened a new horizon to the artists aged between 20 and 80 years, drawn from the entire country to participate, display sell and interact with art lovers. It is a great event, well known like ‘Kaala Goda’ (Mumbai, ‘Nandan Mela’ (Shantiniketan) and Baroda Art Fare. The number of visitors to Chitrasanthe exceeds far more than the visitors thronging all the galleries of Karnataka in a year, put together. This is an unique art event in South India, having and witnessing the possibilities of transforming an art lover into an artist. The creative agenda of Chitrasanthe is to enable art to reach the people and provide a platform for them to appreciate art.

The 15th Chitrasanthe will be inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri Siddharamaiah. Internationally renowned artist Kanhai Kunhiraman will be the Chief Guest for Chitrasanthe.

Sri Basavaraja Rayareddy, Hon’ble Minster for Higher Education will preside over the function. Sri R. Sampath Raj, Hon’ble Mayor, B.B.M.P, will be present. Sri R. Roshan Baig, Minister for Urban Development will inaugurate a special exhibition arranged from the permanent collections of CKP.

In the programme, Sri. Ramalinga Reddy, Hon’ble Home Minister, Sri K.J. George, Hon’ble Bangalore Development Minister, Smt Umashree, Hon’ble Minister for Kannada and Culture, Sri Priyank Kharje, Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Sri P.C. Mohan, Hon’ble M.P, Prof. M.V. Rajeev Gowda, Hon’ble M.P, Dr. Jayamala, M.L.C, Sri S. Sampath Kumar, Hon’ble Corporator, B.B.M.P – will be the dignitaries present during the event.

The sub-committee of Chitrasanthe, along with the Executive Committee Members Dr.B.L.Shankar (President, CKP), Sri T.P Rabhakar (Vice-President), Prof. M.J.Kamalakshi (General Secretary), Dr. D.K.Chowta (Treasurer) and Assistant Secretaries Prof. K.S.Appajaiah and Mrs. Uma Patil and other members will be present during the occasion.

The highlights of 15th Chitrasanthe is as follows:
1. Video and display of posters regarding Environmental concern and awareness.

2. Body Performance artist Sri Gregory Jackson Hailey of Texas will be performing during the event.

3. Students of College of Fine Arts will be performing art throughout the day in various venues at Chitrasanthe.

4. An exhibition of selected works from the permanent works of CKP will be displayed in the galleries.

5. The annual Chitrasanthe award, “Chitrakala Samman” will be conferred upon four renowned artist personalities: Smt. Sudha Manohar (Bangalore), Dr. Tara Kashyap (Bangalore), Sri S. Shiv Munoli (Hyderabad/Gulbarga) and Sri Somanna Chitrakar (Davanagere). The award incudes cash price of Rs. 25,000/- and a citation.

6. The renowned sculptor from Kerala, Sri Kanai Kunhiraman will be honoured with the first ever Prof. M.S.Nanjunda Rao Memorial Award which includes lakh and a citation.

7. ”Twentieth Century art movements of Karnataka” a show of posters, documents and videos will be displayed and organised from/at the Dept of Art history by the Faculty and students of Art History.

8. Central Lalitkala Academy New Delhi will be setting up a stall and selling its prestigious publications at a discount and affordable price, to mark the 15th Chitrasanthe.

State Bank of India will set two ATMs inside the CKP premise while Canara Bank will have mobile ATMs outside the premise for easy and comfortable transactions of the sales of artworks. There will also be swiping facilities at CKP Art Mart.

15th Chitrasanthe Organising Sub-Committee is headed by Sri T.Prabhakar, Vice-President of CKP, with able support from the Members of CKP, who will be present during the occasion.

Along with the sub-committee Dr.B.L.Shankar, Prseideny, Vice president.Sri.T.Prabhakar, General Secretary. Prof.M.J.Kmalakshi, Treasurer.Dr.D.K.Chowta, Associate Secretary Prof.K.S.Appajaiah, and Smt Uma.Patil also associate with the Santhe team

Besides the management team, the entire college and chitrakala Parishath staff and students are engaged with various sub committees for success of the event.

Chitra Santhe started in 2003. This year being the 15 th Year. Without any interruption the Santhe is continuously organized by the Parishath.

Today it is well known event for artists and art lovers.

Artists from the state and other state are participating in the santhe. Without any difference of senior or junior artists. All artists to display their art works on Kumara Krupa Road. Artists from Karnataka, TamilNadu, AndhraPradesh, Kerala, Odisha, Maharashtra, UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarath, Punjab, Delhi and even foreign artists also take part.

Santhe has been providing opportunities to have healthy discussion, interaction and exchange of thoughts by the artists, art curators, Gallery persons and art lovers. Chitra Sathe is like an Open School. It has concept of Art for All and an Art Work for every House. Art Lovers can buy art works at the range of Rs.100 to Rs. 1 lakh. There will be no mediators, and no commission will be taken by any artists.

Chitrakala Parishath will provided the Artists with , Breakfast, Lunch, and water and mainly the space for display of art works on free of cost. Artists from outside Bangalore will be given free accommodation on request.

An estimated 3 lakhs of people would visit the Chitra Satnthe. The art works depicting Mysore Traditional Style, Madhubani, Rajasthani, Acrylic, Oil Colours, Landscape, water Clours, Lithographs, Prints are available in Santhe. There will also be artists who can make spot paintings like portraits and caricatures.

Last year’s business was an estimated to about Rs 2 Crores. The same be expected this year also. Chitrakala Parishath has organized Debit and Credit Card facilities. There will also be a mobile ATM and Swipe Machines, by Canara and State Bank of Mysore. These will help Artists and Buyers for smooth transactions.

There are special arrangements made for physically challenged artists. The entire Kumara Krupa Road will under surveillance of CCTV Camers. Mobile Toiles are also provided. Vehicle parking facility is made at Sevadal School. On Crescent Road.

Chitra Santhe event is supported by Karnataka Government, Police Commissioner, BBMP, Health Department, Fire Brigade, and BMTC have been helping to make this event successful. The Students College work as Volunteers.

Chitrakala Parishath has been organizing a good number of Programs. Recently Parishath had organized work shop on Bidri Art and attempted to promote and revive traditional art forms, especially to inculcate the traditional art forms among the youth is main motto. CKP had organised a National Artists Camp with young and experienced artists who interacted with students, faculty and produced contemporary artworks.

On the occasion of Chitrasanthe, Musical Concert by Smt. Chandrika Gururaj organised by Chitrakala Parishath

Chitrasanthe is a rare and unique artistic event of India which is gradually shaping itself according to its own ideology of avoiding mediocrity, middle men and facilitating newer artistic performances, video art alongside the known and the conventional art forms.

Exhibition of selected Modern Art Works from the permanent collection of Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath will be held from 5th to 10th January 2018.

15th #Chitrasanthe on Sunday | 7th January 2018 | 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

and Kumarakrupa Road,

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