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Exhibition of Paintings. “Homage to Bhagwan Bahubali” and “Masterpieces of Jain Heritage”

January 14, 2018

On the ocassion of the Mahamastakabhishek Ceremony. Exhibition of Paintings. “Homage to Bhagwan Bahubali” and “Masterpieces of Jain Heritage”

A Grand display of exquisite paintings based on the life story and message of Bhagwan Bahubali by eminent Artist Prashant Shah.

” Homage to Bhagwan Bahubali ”

On the sacred occasion of Bhagwan Bahubali’s Mahamastabhishek held every 12 years, nationally recognized artist Prashant Shah has conceived a unique painting exhibition “Homage to Bhagwan Bahubali” to pay heartfelt tribute to the inspiring life and message of Bhagwan Bahubali. Prashant has depicted Bhagwan Bahubali’s heroic life story emphasizing his eternal message of Ahimsa, Peace, Sacrifice and Friendship towards all in a realistic style which captures the spirituality of the subject. He does full justice to the beauty and splendour of the Shravanabelgola landscape by adopting an impressionistic style to make the art works picturesque and pleasing. They are worthy of being a prized collector’s item.

With the blessings of Maharaj Charukirti, it is Prashant’s earnest wish that Bhagwan Bahubali’s life story and message should be commemorated in a world class Museum which will preserve such art works in painting, sculpture, installation and 3-D movie formats to inspire future generations. Such a museum will no doubt be a great attraction to all pilgrims from all over India and the world and also redound to the credit of the Karnataka government, the trust and the Jain community. May the eternal spirit of Bhagwan Bahubali inspire everyone to make such a dream into a reality!
~ C.S.Nag (Author & Filmmaker)


“Masterpieces of Jain Heritage” Artistic Works of Prashant Shah.
Artistic expression of Jain Spiritualism.

It has taken long years of painstaking study of the glorious ancient heritage of Jain scriptures, temple icons, sculptures and bas reliefs to realize my artistic vision to depict them in my paintings on canvas. I had to make a very careful and attentive study of every detail in order to accurately show every nuance of the sacred spirit of the artworks. I adopted a realistic style to capture the austerity and piety shining in the eyes of the Tirthankars whose radiant gaze seems to follow and inspire us in every direction. It was a unique effect I was able to achieve in my paintings. No matter whether you see the paintings from above or below, left or right side, you feel the thrill of being in the presence of their divine gaze which never leaves you. Just as sunlight dispels darkness, you feel the spiritual aura and radiance transform all impurities and bring forth pure thoughts and feelings. The natural beauty and picturesque splendor of the pilgrimage sites and temple complex was rendered in an impressionistic style to evoke their grandeur and sanctity. The very air, water and sky became a living embodiment of the vital spiritual elements that give my art a timeless and eternal quality. In “Masterpieces of Jain Heritage” I have depicted the Bhaktamar Stotra, Namokar Mantra, portraits of Tirthankars and beautiful landscapes of pilgrimage sites. I am really privileged to have received the sacred blessings of their Holiness Srimad Vijay Premsurishwarji Maharaj, Shwetapichhacharya Vidyanandji Maharaj,Rashtrasant Yugdiwakar Sri Namra Muniji Maharaj and Jain Muni Ganishri Naipadamsagar Maharaj sahib whose constant blessings and inspiration have been a guiding principle to my artistic progress and expression. Lastly, the blessings of my beloved mother Jambuvati W. Shah and her spiritual guidance and inspiration have made me who I am and all of this work possible.
~ Prashant Shah (National Artist)

Art Show on view till 17th January 2018 | 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Karnataka #ChitrakalaParishath
#Art Complex,
Kumara Krupa Road,
Near Shivananda Circle,
Kumara Park East
Bengaluru-560 001.

Directions to the Venue :

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