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January 18, 2018

Every Friday Cultural Evening Programme

Thalavadhya by Mr. Nagaraj .B from Bengaluru

Organised by
Indian Council for Cultural Relations (I.C.C.R.)
Department of Kannada and Culture

G S Nagaraj , born on 19th May 1982 to Sri G.R. Sathyanarayana Shastry and Lakshminarasamma.

Nagaraj has been into this divine art from the tender age of 10 years. He started his Mridangam training from Vidwan H L Gopalkrishna. Later his search for a profound guru’s had ended in Vidwan B N Chandramouli and Vidwan Thiruvarur Bhaktavatsalam who are devoted and dedicated to this spiritual art. Under their guidance Nagaraj gained tremendous knowledge about the ways of staging concerts.

Nagaraj has to his credit of staging concerts in prestigious Sabhas all over India and Abroad. His Mridangam accompaniment is highly regarded and given due recognition and appreciation by the music lovers, critics and also other great musicians. He is also a ‘B High’ Grade artist from All India Radio.

As a well known Mridangam artist his regular performances span many prestigious venues of Carnatic music. He has led several percussion ensembles with his valuable experience in music composition, direction, and orchestration. He also trains and guides students from all over the world in Carnatic music percussion. He leads a team “LAYA RANJANI”

He is a sought after artist of choice for classical dance concerts, adding his deep knowledge of rhythm to dance forms.

He had directed many Fusion concerts and percussion ensembles (Taala Vaadhya Kutcheries) Has Accompanied to renowned artists – Sri R K Srikantan, Sri Kadri Gopalnath, Sri Maharajapuram Ramachandran, Sri R K Padmanabha, Vidushi Vani Sateesh, Vidushi Neela Ramgopal, Sri O S Thyagarajan, Sri M Chandrashekaran, Rudrapatnam Brothers, BK Ananthram, and many senior artists.

Dasara Music Festival, Mysore, Madras Music Academy, Chennai, Naadaneerajanam TTD, Tirupathi, Bangalore Habba, Times of India Music Festival, Trissur Music Festival, Dubai Music Festival, and many more sabhas all over india and Abroad

Bharatanatyam on Friday | 19th January 2017 | 6.30 PM

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,
Race Course Road,

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