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Payanam – A modern Theatrical Tamil Play

January 26, 2018

Shree Thaayaar Kalai Koodam  presents Payanam – A modern Theatrical Tamil Play
Directed By : Icarr Weeoui


Synopsis of the play :
PAYANAM (means “A Journey”) is a story of few slaves fighting for survival, with fate. Fate plays a crucial role, which is a journey of Friendship, Love, Revenge and sacrifice. PAYANAM is about the secret, everyone’s secret, that governs one’s journey to success and to life.

The play will be enjoyed by the audiences; Since the plot has Romance, friendship and revenge, elements that we are always attracted to in a story, it will be engaging from start to end.

The play will be in modern phenomenon in its presentation, with minimalist sets and props and driven by the script and action.

About an Author & Director Icarr Weeoui:
A chemical engineer turned theatre artist, Writer & Director who founded Shree Thaayaar Kalai Koodam in Chennai and staged plenty of Tamil plays. His sole motive was to promote the art. He learnt each and every bit of theatre acting from his Guru late Shri Manjai V Somu. From his childhood he was interested in acting on stage and as he grew up, naturally got drawn towards it. He has also worked with renowned theatre personalities like Srirengam Rengamani, Mu A Girtharan and Writer – Journalist Gnani.

He has worked in various Tamil films as assistant Writer with Mr V Prabakar and he also acted in tamil films “Maapla Singham”, “Mayanginaen Thayanginaen” and now he has been roped in to play a role in the film “Vandi”.

When he expressed about Theatre, ” I feel only theatre has the potential to churn out well structured artists for any type of media. I don’t think theatre can be omitted out entirely from the scene as it is the very breath for all the souls who live in art. It will always hold a place for itself in the society.”

Ticket Price Rs 200/-

Tickets available at

27th & 28th January 2018 – 3.00PM to 4.00PM

Atta Galatta,
#134, KHB Colony,
5th Block, Koramangala,
Bengaluru 560 095.

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