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Book launch ‘How I Was Forced To Become A Staunch RACIST!’

January 27, 2018

 Atta Galatta and Leadstart Publishers organizes Book launch ‘How I Was Forced To Become A Staunch RACIST!’
Authored by Sharmin Ali.

To be launched by Shinie Antony
(Author, Co-Founder, Bangalore Literature Festival and Director of Bangalore Poetry Festival)

About the book:
‘HOW I WAS FORCED TO BECOME A STAUNCH RACIST!’ – Startups, Standups, Suckers!

“…Sure Sir. You probably want to revisit the projected numbers again, I have an updated excel”

“No Sharmin, I don’t need to see any more sheets. I wanted to talk about you. I find you very attractive. I would like to hook up with you. How about a weekend getaway to Goa? We can sign the deal over a bottle of champagne. What do you say?”

“Thanks for the offer, but I’m not interested.” “What happened Sharmin? Why not?”
“Because I’m not attracted to you Sir…”

From motley of a youth’s emotions to a psychedelic ride of the multi-dimensional world, the book is about the life of an entrepreneur and the various pillars of humanity they are tangled into that force him/her to become a RACIST. It is a nonfiction book set in contemporary India and has some fierce revelations.

Sunday | 28th January 2018 | 5.30 PM

Atta Galatta,
#134, KHB Colony,
5th Block, Koramangala,
Bengaluru 560 095.

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