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Uterus and I – A standup comedy show.

January 31, 2018

Uterus & I” is a concept stand-up comedy show featuring 7 performers who will tell the many tales of womanhood, the perils of queefing, the glory of menopause and of course, their love-hate relationship with their uteri. “Free chocolate brownie if it’s your time of the month”



Sejal Bhat – A serial hypocrite with unjustifiably high self-esteem, Sejal has an inappropriate sense of humour that hits you like a fresh fart in a library. This easily distracted Kashmiri firmly believes in having no concrete beliefs and in mocking those who do. It provides fodder for comedy and fills the void where her soul should be.

Shrirupa Sengupta (Shri) burst into the Comedy scene in 2014 winning the Bangalore Finals of the MICF Raw Heats. Based out of Kolkata and Bangalore depending on the time of the year and the mood of her parents, she performs in the genres of Improv, Stand Up and Concept Comedy Shows. With a joyfully chaotic personality, Shri when not on stage or in rehearsals can be found burning things in the kitchen / putting her TISS-MSW degree to use, writing content / trying to shape shift into a cat and doing other such high energy activities.


Seema Rao Narayan is a Part-time Software Engineer , a part time-home maker , a part-time comedian . She is that Dhobhi ki kutti who doesn’t belong to the ghar or the ghats! -Which is just a nutsy cover-up for an early onset of midlife crisis , midriff crisis and Laryngitis ,which is why she sounds like a cross between Altaf Raja and a mule!


Pragya Sharoff – An infant at comedy and by size. With nothing but sheer love for comedy, Pragya is a newbie who loves taking the stage to vent out her emotions. She also works as a digital marketing expert and a copywriter for a living Sneha Suhas is a stand up comedienne based out of Bangalore. She found it hard to tickle people as it is inappropriate, so she stand afar and tried jokes on them. She’s performed in all major cities in India and abroad in Australia Ramya Ramapriya’s Twitter bio says “Daughter, Citizen, Standup comic, Designer, Engineer, near far wherever u are…man titanic song’s intense!”

This is her drifting off to another topic but makes few people(close to zero) think she is funny. She doesn’t have any famous friends so she joined the comedy circuit. She hopes all her comic friends will get famous and will still talk to her! Did I mention she is delusional?

Anyway she is trying to write jokes and hopes people find it funny! Khyati Raja, 21, lives for a living, death is not her thang. She believes being popular on social media is as useless as being rich in Monopoly (please follow me on Instagram). She also enjoys doodling on clean walls.

Saturday | 3rd February 2018 | 7.30 PM to 8.30 PM

Atta Galatta,
#134, KHB Colony, 5th Block,
Bengaluru 560 095.

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