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Gudiya Sambhrama – Temple Festival 2018

February 3, 2018

Heritage Parampara,  Devagiri Sri Venkateshwara Trust  and Indic Academy organizes Gudiya Sambhrama – Temple Festival 2018.

Organized by
Heritage Parampara
A Not for profit registered trust whose trustees have been actively involved for decades in the promotion and preservation of our heritage, culture and environment.

Devagiri Sri Venkateshwara Trust that has been running the temple for decades and preserving our temple tradition.

Indic Academy: Working for the intellectual, cultural and spiritual renaissance of Bharat

Theme: Srimad Bhagavatham
The Shrimad Bhaagavatam, a purana, written by Veda Vyasa unfolds through the words of Sri Suka to King Parikshit. The central character is Krishna who symbolized Bhakti for the benefit of humanity. There are fascinating stories about many Avataras of the Supreme Being. The text highlights bhakti, jnana, vairagya, dharma and karma, the four human pursuits (dharma, artha, kama, moksha), Yoga, Sankhya and Advaita tattva, It is filled with descriptions of the landscape, rivers, flora, fauna and the life of the times. The Bhaagavatam also details the development and journey of the foetus in the womb, alluding to the scientific temper of our forefathers.

Heritage Parampara a not-for-profit organisation conducts annual festivals with an understanding of the deep connect our society has to both its cultural and natural heritage. Sacred Spaces, Performing Arts and Mother Nature are the life line and heritage of society yet rarely celebrated in this fast pace of life today.

Devasthanas/ Dharmasthanas/ temples have been large players in the eco system of our society, be it environmental, financial, material, educational, health or cultural. Gudiya Sambhrama is a step towards rejuvenating and reviving this temple eco-system.

The festival brings artists and scholars of repute from across India to heritage temples to share their knowledge and performances of Hari Katha, dance, music, theatre, puppetry, fabulous legends and more creating health and well-being, touching the lives of a cross section of society.

GUDIYA SAMBHRAMA…the Temple festival in 2018 comes to you in a new format dedicated to the Shrimad Bhaagavatam.

from 27th January to 9th February 2018

Sri Varaprada Devagiri Devastanam,

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