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Fractured lives; Vanishing opportunities – a Panel Discussion

February 11, 2018

Bangalore International Centre organizes  a Panel Discussion “Fractured lives; Vanishing opportunities”

Supriya Roychowdury, Kathyayini Chamraj, P Lakshapathi
Chair and Moderator: R Padmini


About the topic
Children in slums or other low income urban areas are among the most marginalised and face a joyless existence and a bleak future. The panel will dwell on the problems of children growing up in such situations, including the impediments to their survival, growth and protection. The lack of day-care; high drop outs from school; absence of compulsory secondary education with skill training; trafficking for forced labour; sexual exploitation; domestic servitude, forced marriage are only some of the problems they face. The panelists will focus on their findings from studies and activism to offer some solutions in the context of Bengaluru and Karnataka.

Supriva Roychowdhury
Supriya Roychowdhury. is Professor in the Center for Political Institutions. Governance and Development (CPIGD) at Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC). Bangalore. She has also been a faculty member at IIM Ahmedabad. and worked as Deputy Editor. The Hindu. Supriyas areas of specialization is Globalization and labour; urban poverty: social movements.

Kathvavini Chamraj
Since 2005. Kathyayini Chamaraj is the Executive Trustee of CIVIC Bangalore (Citizens’ Voluntary Initiative for the City of Bangalore). to bring about decentralisation. transparency. accountability and people’s participation in urban governance. For the last 10 years. CIVIC has been working to enable the urban poor to access their basic rights to food, water and sanitation, housing, health care. education, and social security. by organising awareness programmes on urban poor’s rights. conducting grievance redressal mesas. public hearings. etc

She has Contributed more than 300 articles to Deccan Herald. The Hindu. The Times of India. Humanscape and India Together and Infochange web magazines on social and developmental issues. especially on the unorganised/informal sectors of labour. women’s development, child labour, primary education. the right to food and work. and urban governance.

She has also worked extensively with government departments, especially on drafting a child labour action plan for the state of Karnataka.

She has been conferred with -Berrgalurean of the Year’ Award for 2015 given by Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF) and ‘171’ Peoples Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) ‘Journalism for Human Rights Award’ for 1997.

P Lakshapathi
Lakshapathi Pendyala began his career as a social worker with an urban community development project of the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (Andhra Pradesh. India) in 1975.

Laksha (as he is often called) has helped mobilize people’s action in over 400 slums in the two cities on issues of land rights. housing and habitat. Deeply concerned with the issues of children and youth affected by poverty. alcoholism. dysfunctional family life and crime. Laksha founded Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA) along with others in 1981 As Director of the Concerned for Working Children (CWC). another NGO where he was also involved. Laksha started collectives of children and youth in urban slums in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

APSA’s Nammane (My Home in Kannada), a model residential crisis intervention and rehabilitation center for children in Bangalore is among the best models in India for an open children’s institution. drawing visitors from round the world. Its engagement with children and youth in substance abuse continues to be its most challenging work to date.

Laksha helped found the child Helpline in Bangalore in collaboration with the state government. Fluent in four languages • Kannada. Telugu. English 8 Hindi —Laksha has trained over 2000 police personnel and government officials on child rights, street children and drug abuse. He developed Vikas. a bridge project between haves and have-nots that has over 1000 college students and IT sector employees volunteering at APSA.

APSA under Laksha’s leadership enabled women in 500 self-help groups (SHGs) in urban slums of Bangalore and Hyderabad save money. access bank credit and get out of the debt trap that plagues poor families. Some 25.000 women from APSA areas have got loans of INR12 crores (€1.65 million) over 15 years. APSA has worked with the SHGs to get community women to make local councilors accountable. counsel youth who abuse alcohol and drugs. and take up local campaigns to end gender-based violence.
Laksha is member of the Central Advisory Board of the Ministry of Labour. Government of India on Child Labour

He is also member of the Karnataka state Committee for The Eradication of Child Labour Department of Labor. Govt of Karnataka and member of Integrated Child Protection Scheme of Karnataka State. Women and Child Development Department Govt of Karnataka

R Padmini
R Padmini. Ph.D is a Child Rights and Social Development Activist. She is a founder trustee of the Child Rights Trust, and involved with other NGOs working in these fields.

Padmini worked in UNICEF for nearly 20 years. in Delhi. Addis Ababa. Ethiopia and New York. She retired as the Senior AdviseriChief of the Urban and Child Protection Section, concurrently being the Senior Intersectoral Adviser. She has been a consultant with UN organsiations. chiefly UNICEF. on several occasions after retirement. She is active in networks focusing on children’s issues, and has contributed to the formulation of the National Early Child Care and Education (ECCE] policy, the State Girl Child Policy, and the draft ECCE state Policy. She has also contributed to the Indian Alternative Reports to the U.N. Committee on Child Rights.

She has authored several papers, especially the policy paper to the UNICEF Executive Board in 1993 on ‘UNICEF Programmes for the Urban Poor” and been the joint editor of other volumes on children and related matters.

Padmini was awarded the Desa Snehi Award by the India Development Foundation in 2008: and as Managing Trustee received the State Award for outstanding work in Child Rights given to CRT the same year.

Panel Discussion on Monday, 12th February, 2018 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre,
TERI Complex,
4th Main, 2nd Cross,
Domlur II Stage,
Bangalore – 560 071.

98865 99675

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