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Taayavva – Kannada Play.

February 28, 2018

Gram Seva Sangh, Bangalore presents Kannada Play “Taayavva”


The play is musical, and a celebration. You may ask, what is there to celebrate in such dark times? Bertolt Brecht, the famous German playwright had asked this question in one of his poems. Taayavva, which celebrates the joy of deconstruction… deconstruction as opposed to destruction. She deconstructs even God. God, for her, is a labouring and hardworking metaphor.

Taayavva tries to deconstruct the modern system in her own way. It is a system that divides everything. Take democracy for example. It is divided into the ruling and the opposition. Take truth for example. It is divided into falsehood and facts. Everything is segmented, everything is sectarian. We thought that communism was a good idea. It was merely a good idea. Taayavva tries to reconcile the opposites and thus deconstruct. She tells the ‘have’s’ to deconstruct themselves, while constructing a better life for the ‘have not’s’. The ‘haves’ need to adopt a harder life she tells, a simpler life.

While Gram Seva Sangh was struggling to construct these ideas, a new form of sales tax was imposed on handmade products in India. Indian economy, that had already been beaten up took a further beating. Gram Seva Sangh moved in and raised its voice. Taayavva is an off shoot of that struggle. So it is natural that Taayavva creates a consensus among the contending forces. Taayavva means the mother. We all know that it is the mother in the family who sustains consensus.

This play is inspired by Maxim Gorky’s famous novel Mother. It is also inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s famous play with a similar name. But Taayavva had to be a new play, for it was written for a new context.

To begin with,Taayavva is a widow and is selfish. She is not selfish in a personal sense; she is selfish in a sense of protecting a progeny. Her son becomes an activist, in the cause of the handmade. She tries to protect him. He dies. The police kill him. The mother becomes an activist. In this sense, she is doing exactly what Mother Nature is doing these days. Taayavva is both, a metaphor and a meaning.

Duration Of The Play: 1 hr 30 mins

Tickets available online:

Thursday | 1st March 2018 | 7:30 PM

Mallatahalli Road,
Jnana Bharathi,
Bengaluru 560072

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