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“Jayati Mahati -the pre-eminence of Woman” a unique Bharatanatyam feature.

September 7, 2018

Classical dance festival “Vyasa Rang Tarang” and the inauguration of the amphitheatre “Bhoomika”.

“Jayati Mahati -the pre-eminence of Woman” a unique Bharatanatyam feature will be presented as part of this special evening, choreographed and performed by Anuradha Vikranth and her Drishti Dance Ensemble.

“JAYATI-MAHATI” –The pre-eminence of Woman

An enigma harboring myriad thoughts and emotions, a woman is symbolic of beauty, love, feelings; courage and strength; sacrifice and resilience.

In Indian mythology, Goddess Durga, has been an embodiment of Shakti (energy), unleashing positive forces that protect the good, destructive forces that destroy evil.

Her innate form manifests in various moods. At times, she is gentle, conducting an enchanting symphony in nature; sometimes, she is also a fearsome force, black as a new-moon night. Her nine forms or moods symbolize the unassailable essence of the different aspects, inherent in a woman’s nature.

She shows she is capable of creation, protection and destruction – what a woman can be even now. She teaches us how to play multiple roles, holding on to varied emotions and yet be strong.

All of creation – all that we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch, the body, Nature, the planets, the cosmos – everything is just a play of five elements gifted to us by her. Man is the supreme beneficiary of this creation.

In her roles as creator and protector, a woman shares a special bond with her child where she can show her child the way to protect and preserve Nature, God’s greatest gift to us.

Today when we are overwhelmed by acts of injustice, corruption, terrorism, racism and other innumerable distressing problems, we look up to ‘woman’ as a source of guidance, for courage and compassion.

Showing different forms and emotions of Durga
Creation of Nature and life around us
How man is the supreme beneficiary of this creation
Mother’s advice to her child to take care of nature which is God’s greatest gift to mankind

Choreography: Anuradha Vikranth
Lyrics: Shatavadhani Dr R Ganesh
Music: Praveen D Rao

on Saturday | 8th September 2018 | 6:00 PM

“Bhoomika Amphitheatre”
No. 101/2, BEL North gate,
Near Tata Nagar Railway Gate,
Bengaluru 560097

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