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Breaking the Silence About India’s Women.

Gender reset during a pandemic – Breaking the Silence About India’s Women

Deepa Narayan in conversation with Shoba Narayan (no relation)

Covid-19 demands that we care for each other but is caring only a woman’s job or can it be redistributed? There is an opportunity for social change in gender roles, during this great ‘pause’ when everyone is in lockdown and life as we know it, is changing. This conversation will highlight how women take on roles, whether they are migrants, entrepreneurs, or homemakers. It also talks about whether and how norms can be reset.



Deepa Narayan
Dr. Narayan is the author of the ground-breaking book, Chup: Breaking The Silence About India’s Women and the founder of Chup Circles. She was the Senior Adviser at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. and wrote the influential series Voices of the Poor. She has written 17 books and is the recipient of many awards, including being named as one of the 100 most influential global thinkers by Foreign Policy Magazine in the USA and as one of India’s 35 Great Thinkers by India Today. Dr. Narayan spent many years living in village communities in Africa, South and East Asia. This led to her focus on ‘people first.’

She has over 25 years of experience working on policy design to reduce poverty and gender inequality in development. She is a TED speaker, and her recent talk focuses on how to support women in leadership. To watch the Ted Talk click here. She is the founder of Chup Circles, safe spaces for women and men to engage in conversations about their own everyday behaviours that perpetuate gender inequalities, and is currently working on her forthcoming research on men and masculinities.

To follow the creation of Chup Circles and Conscious Caring, please follow her on social media and check out her website: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, website

Other publications by Deepa include the books, Voices of the Poor, Measuring Empowerment, Empowerment and Poverty Reduction, Moving out of Poverty and her article in Vogue. She has also been featured in articles on CNN and the Times of India.

Shoba Narayan
Author & journalist
Shoba Narayan is the author of four books and a columnist with Hindustan Times Brunch magazine. She writes about food, travel, fashion, art and culture for many national and international publications. She is the overseas correspondent for Radio New Zealand. She has taught at IIM-Bangalore and the Indian Institute of Science. Besides writing, she watches birds, quaffs wine, and enjoys gadgets. Her lifelong mission is to get fit without exercising and lose weight without dieting.



on Tuesday 2nd June 2020 | 6.30 pm on BIC Streams

Crunchy Tasty City Tales.

Bangalore International Centre presents Crunchy Tasty City Tales
a Live Cast With Vikram Sridhar.

Get onto a Story carpet with Vikram Sridhar, as we travel the country tasting some yummy food through their stories and origins. He might take your help to add some ghee, sprinkle some coriander, and spice it up with your laughter. We will take off from Bengaluru, the city of BIC, and visit various places and when we are back, we will be filled with some lovely stories and memories of the food we eat every day.

Age Group 5years and up with their families

on SUNDAY 31st May 2020 | 11:00AM – 12:00PM



Creative writing online workshop for Children.

Atta Galattapresents Creative writing online workshop for Children.

Word to Word Consulting presents Words and Visuals, an online summer programme on creative writing for children in the 10-12
years age group.

The activities in the programme focus on sharpening the creative thinking and writing skills of children.

The programme follows a play-way method that includes interactive games, lateral thinking exercises, idea generators, word puzzles, and audio-visual stimulation. Children will also discover the joy of reading, through read-aloud sessions and book reviews.

Words and Visuals is an initiative of Word to Word Consulting, a content studio based in Bengaluru and Chennai. The activities will be conducted by freelance writers, editors, and language trainers. They are former journalists and feature writers who have worked with newspapers such as Business Line, The Hindu and Business Standard. The programme will be
moderated through an online video-conferencing tool; the details of this will be provided to participants later.

Fee: Rs 1,500

Workshop on Monday, 1st June to 5th June 2020

Contact Anjana (9900567140) for more details and to sign up for the programme.

Coffee Painting Workshop by Atta Galatta.

Coffee Painting Workshop by Atta Galatta with Madhuri Umashankar

Coffee painting workshop: In this online tutorial workshop, instead of the conventional methods of painting and art, participants will be introduced to painting with an entirely different and exciting medium

COFFEE! Participants will be taught to create their own masterpiece with the use of just coffee.

Materials required for the workshop:
1. Instant coffee powder
2. A bowl to mix the coffee in
3. A bowl of water
4. Paintbrushes
5. A4 sheet paper (the thicker paper that you can get, the better it will be)
6. Some tissue paper

Workshop on Saturday, 30th May 2020 | 4PM to 5PM

For any clarifications contact Atta Gallatta: (080) 4160 0677 / 96325 10126

Workshop – Discover The Palace of Illusions.

Discover The Palace of Illusions a workshop by Atta Galatta

Location: Online
Age Group: 18+ years
Materials Required The Palace of Illusions (hardcopy or ebook)
Basic stationery Laptop/iPad/tablet/phone
Technology Requirements (Free) Install Zoom plugin

Workshop Description
Have you ever felt that you needed a more nuanced perspective of the Mahabharata? Have you wanted a gendered interpretation of the epic? Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s ‘The Palace of Illusions’ provides us with exactly these perspectives. Discover this book with Joy of Anubhava through writing, music, roleplays, debates, drawing, photos, and storytelling. Through a two-hour workshop, Joy of Anubhava invites participants to meet a community of book lovers, empathize with different characters, ask those tough questions to oneself and others, to critically think about those “what if” and “why” questions, and to engage in meaningful discussions with others to leave with a completely different perspective of the book. What can you expect to take away from this workshop? A personalized digital scrapbook of all the work done during the workshop Join a global community of book lovers Enhance your critical thinking, creativity, and ability to empathize A different take on the book What have others said about our workshops? – “Really great way to inculcate the habit of reading for those who want to pick it up. It also opens up your mind in terms of different perceptions and ways of thinking. I personally loved the workshop!” – “Cannot think of a better way to explore a book. Superb. Don’t miss out.” Description of the Organizations The joy of Anubhava implements programs and workshops where we deep dive into books through art forms such as drawing, photos, music, theatre, storytelling, and creative writing. These workshops are designed for participants to gain 21st Century and Social & Emotional Learning skills. In a venture to bring back the residents of Bangalore to their very roots, Atta Galatta hosts events that are unique in their very nature. From book-readings in

Tanglish to art exhibits and poetry interpretations by the creators themselves, there is an incessant effort to reach a level of impeccable consumer satisfaction. About the Facilitators Anand Srinivasan has been a Mridangam player since he was 10 years old. Music has played an extensive role in his life. He is also a painter. Apart from this, Anand has worked in the field of data science and technology for the past 10 years. He is one of the co-founders of Joy of Anubhava and is the brain behind all of the artwork that the participants engage with! Poorvaja Prakash has been working in education and development for the last 8 years, particularly in curriculum design, facilitating participatory research activities with children, and adults, designing programs for school transformation, training, and capacity building in India and other developing countries. She has been an active participant in debates, Model UNs, and public speaking throughout her childhood.

Discover The Palace of Illusions on Sunday | 31st May 2020 | 11AM to 1PM

For any clarifications contact Atta Galatta: (080) 4160 0677 / 96325 10126

Follow a Play – Rakt Kalyan

Follow a Play – Rakt Kalyan

Watch the reading live on YouTube channel

on Thursday | 7th May 2020 | 7:30 PM


Jody Wisternoff at RAAHI

Jody Wisternoff at RAAHI

“Am I a legend?”, asks Jody Wisternoff, questioning the question. “The thing is, legend tends to suggest you’ve had your time, got the pipe and slippers out and only work occasionally as the mood takes you, and nothing could be further from the truth in my case; I continue to push forward and evolve, plus I’m busier now than I’ve ever been!” Seriously? Clearly Jody Wisternoff is a man whose personal dictionary doesn’t contain the term ‘tread water’.

Jody has indeed been pushing the envelope his entire career, which started at the very early age of 13 years when he and brother Sam prodigiously reached the finals of the DMC HipHop Championships. This success was compounded two years later when they found national fame as Tru Funk, landing themselves on the pages of cult magazine The Face and Tim Westwood’s Radio 1 playlist. “Obviously it was a different genre to what I’m known for now,” explains Jody, “Bristol’s always been renowned for the calibre of its dub scene and the artists that have come out of it. In the late 80‘s and early 90‘s I was very much a part of that movement, which provided me with an invaluable foothold in the world of dance. I soon found myself DJing to thousands at fondly remembered festivals such as Universe and Fantazia. It was a crazy time.”

These formative years were influential too, for it was this background that underpinned the ethos of Way Out West, which Jody founded with Nick Warren following a chance meeting in a local record shop. Fusing Bristol’s dub roots with club beats Way Out West captured a sound unlike any other at that time and burst onto the mid-nineties dance scene with seminal hits such as ‘Ajare’ and top ten smash ‘The Gift’, which they even performed on Top of the Pops (RIP). When not appearing on nationally treasured TV programmes they could be found remixing the likes of Roni Size, M-People, Orbital, Tiesto, Sasha, BT, UNKLE, James Holden and Fatboy Slim’s Freak Power alter ego; touring the world alongside dance titans Faithless and The Prodigy and collaborating with Trevor Horn, arguably one of Britain’s most successful and revered producers. How many can boast a CV like that?

But perhaps most remarkable of all is that, in this highly disposable world of dance, Way Out West continues to this day. Having released their fifth album last year , Jody explains the key to their longevity, “It’s because we don’t live in each others pockets and take long breaks between WOW projects. In other words, we keep it fresh. It’s a cycle of about 4 years focusing on solo stuff, followed by a year back together, which is great because we bring all our new experiences from this time apart time and feed it back into the band. It’s not something we planned, or rather, do plan, it’s a schedule and process that’s developed over time and works.”

So what of Jody’s solo endeavours? Well, if you think these are fallow periods living off the echo of past Way Out West achievements, you’d be very, very wrong indeed. Once again Jody’s incomparable ability to succeed with production and DJing has seen him climb to the highest heights of Beatport (and we’re talking THE overall, not genre chart here) and iTunes , gain a healthy Spotify following , remix Above & Beyond and Lane8 plus many others , and maintain a steady solo release schedule . It’s his alliance with Anjunadeep both as A&R ( signing Lane 8 for starters ) and priority artist which has been his most significant career move in recent years . The annual Anjunadeep compilations which he has been mixing alongside label boss James Grant since 2015 have all hit the iTunes USA Dance No1 jackpot and it this profile boost especially in the USA which has helped maintain a constant touring schedule . As if all of that weren’t enough, there was also the release his debut solo album, ‘Trails We Blaze’ a few years back . “It’s probably fitting to end this biog as I began,” concludes Jody, “I really am busier now than ever, which is a blessing. Whether I’m in the studio, playing to 5 thousand alongside A&B , embarking on a 20 date Anjunadeep tour or playing one off parties in obscure cities in Eastern Europe , I’m still as excited by what I do now as I was when I began. The music, style and opportunities may have evolved over the years, but my passion remains the same. No time for pipe and slippers yet!”

Friday, 13th of March 2020 – 8 PM

15, Madras Bank Road, Above NEXA showroom, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, 560001
RSVP: 9900973456/9620347095

Entry fee is Rs. 1000/- and available on